Lesbian YouTubers Break Up After One of Them is Exposed as a Cheater

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Breakups are always tough to deal with, no matter how good the circumstances are. When a split occurs after something more traumatic, like a cheating scandal, for example, it’s all the more difficult.

Engaged lesbian YouTubers Elle and Laura from the channel ElleisforLaura first gained recognition after their proposal went viral at the beginning of 2016. The girls were seemingly #goals, making videos about sexuality, self-acceptance, relationship struggles and much more, multiple times a week. The blonde left on a lengthy solo trip to Indonesia at the end of January and while the distance was tough, the girls did everything they could to get through the separation and were THRILLED when she returned just over two weeks ago. Unfortunately, their happiness was short lived.

After being absent on Twitter for a good chunk of time, Laura returned yesterday and tweeted, “So it’s time to tell you. We broke up.”

Fans were obviously shocked and very confused, so she replied to one of them who asked what happened and dropped a major bomb — Elle was unfaithful.

Many people didn’t believe her, so she was forced to clarify that she was, in fact, telling the truth.

We’re not sure what exactly happened, or when it went down, but it seems like Laura still plans to make videos and will HOPEFULLY explain everything soon.

“Devastated doesn’t even come close but stay with me beautiful people, this channel is too good to lose. […] Your love and support means everything guys.”

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