Say What?! Elle Fanning Calls Herself a Modern-Day Marilyn Monroe

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Apparently being ridiculously talented at a young age runs in the fam? Elle Fanning, who has recently traded school hallways for red carpets as she promotes her new critically-acclaimed indie film Somewhere, is every bit as talented as big sis Dakota.

Both of the Fanning girls made their acting debuts before they entered preschool, so it’s only natural that they’re drawing comparisons to Hollywood greats. Elle recently revealed that she hopes to be a modern-day Marilyn Monroe, and you’ll never guess who she compared her big sis to…

Click for chic pics of Elle at last weekend’s Somewhere screening!

The wunderkind actress, who counts jars of Marilyn Monroe’s face cream and powder as her most treasured possessions, told The New York Times Magazine: “Everyone says Dakota’s Meryl [Streep] and I’m Marilyn.”

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