Teen.com (And Vanessa Hudgens) Endorses: Ask Elizabeth by Elizabeth Berkley

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We know her as Jessie Spano on Saved By The Bell, but you’ll soon know her as the coolest, most famous advice columnist ever. Elizabeth Berkley‘s seriously awesome advice book Ask Elizabeth hit shelves today, and we’re already obsessed.

Who else loves the book? Oh, you know, just Vanessa Hudgens. NBD.

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After Vanessa Hudgens got her hands on the book, she said, “Teen years can feel lonely and confusing. Ask Elizabeth brings girls the support and relief they need to know they are not alone.”

But don’t just take her (or our) word for it. Check out the book yourself, click around on Elizabeth’s website, click through all her pics, and be sure to follow her here as she live tweets the Ask Elizabeth book tour!