YouTube Beauty Guru Was Abused by Her Father for Years and You Had No Idea

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It’s easy to look at YouTube stars and assume they have perfect lives, but, as we’ve learned in the past, things on the inside aren’t always as great as they appear on the outside. Eliza Rose, who goes by TheElizaRose on YT, is known for making incredibly positive videos about beauty, fashion, being a teenager, etc., but what her viewers were NOT aware of is that she was dealing with personal horror for years.

The 18-year-old girl explained that her dad always had “a very, very short temper” and would physically abuse her, her younger brother and her mom from the time she can remember.

“My dad would take spanking to the extreme, to the point where he would leave bruises and welts and belt marks on my brother and I for something as simple as doing the rest of the chores in the house,” she said.

In addition to the physical violence, her father would do “a LOT of name-calling” and “would constantly call [her] a bitch and a c*nt and a dumba*s, over and over.”

In 2015, Eliza said that the man threatened to shoot her and her mother and acted like he had gun behind his back, so they called the cops. Unfortunately, authorities couldn’t do anything but recommend that the women get a restraining order against him. She chose not to, however, because she wanted to work on her relationship with him. Unfortunately, nothing changed with time and he even made her delete all her YouTube videos in 2016 because he was upset that she got a secret phone so he’d stop tracking her. And that was when she decided she needed to get away for good.

“As of Thanksgiving 2016, I stopped staying with my dad and I’ve never been happier and I’ve never felt more safe.”

You can watch Eliza’s full video below:

If you or someone you know is in being abused, please call 1-800-799-7233 or click here.
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