Plus-Size Model Slams Logan Paul for Using Her as Human Bicycle in YT Video

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Logan Paul has managed to keep himself out of headlines for about a month (*slow clap*), but now a plus-size model named Eliza Johnson is speaking out about about how she felt “kind of abused” after being used a human bicycle in his November 2017 “No Handlebars” music video. Yes, you read that right — the 22-year-old literally rode on her back like she was the base of a bike and put the video on YT.

The music vid is a parody of Flobots’ song, “Handlebars,” which was released in 2008. Eliza had no idea what project she was working on when she was cast and discovered who Logan was “literally six hours before the shoot.”

“We got on set and he came up and said, ‘Have you heard of a human bicycle?’ she recalls to Psychology Today. “We didn’t know the song, we didn’t know anything.”

The girl says there were “eight or nine principal models” included in the video, but she “was the only one who was plus-size.”

She explains, “I’m the base of the bike. He was riding on top of my back the whole video. We’re on a little trolley that they rigged up to a truck pulling us, and we did that five or six times, and we went about 200 meters each time. I was standing there trying to keep my balance with Logan on my back jumping all over and holding only another model as we’re being pulled by this car.”

They did the strenuous scene “so many times [her] legs almost gave out” and she eventually became “uncomfortable” with the whole thing “because it’s rare that you’re on set and they just throw something at you.”

“Con artists do things like that,” she says. “I reached my breaking point after the sixth take and my legs were giving out. I was so physically exhausted, I wasn’t even able to process what was going on. It wasn’t until I was able to see how they edited it, and what the full song was, that I was able to get the full picture and process psychologically what was going on.”

She continues, “I felt kind of abused. Of course, I felt ashamed and when something like this happens and we kind of become victimized, we don’t really realize it, we want to just block it out, or say maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s not happening. It’s a very confusing type of thing to experience.

There was a making-of video prior to the actual video coming out. They’re filming us and he’s [saying], ‘Okay, this is how you do it,’ and I was just laughing because I just couldn’t even believe what was going on. I thought, I just really hope this ends up being a really funny satire. Because he kept saying it was going to epic, it was going to be great. I was not aware of what he stood for.”

When the “No Handlebars” video first came out, Eliza posted a screenshot on Instagram and expressed her disgust in the caption.

The 34-year-old wrote, “Check out my latest #musicvideoshoot with some dude which already has over 14 million views #nohandlebars #lmao #humanbicycle just a normal day at #werk for me, ya know… Ah we are always used as such tools… it’s cool, not by the time I’m done with ya #Hollywood #itstimeforachange”

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Eliza thinks the decision to put her, a plus-size woman, at the base of the bicycle was a way to “make a mockery of everything.” She also found out that she was paid less than the other models on set, but talked to producers and was eventually able to get the same amount of money as everyone else.