YouTube Star Exposes Durte Dom for Sexually Assaulting Female YouTubers

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While the YouTube world contains absolute gems like Alfie Deyes and Julien Solomita, it also features less-than-likable people such as PewDiePie and Sam Pepper, who are both beyond problematic. If YouTuber Elijah Daniel‘s allegations are true, we can now add Durte Dom to the list of YT guys who sexually assaulted multiple woman. Disgusting.

The beef started when Elijah indirectly came for an unidentified man, to which Dom confirmed was supposed to be him.


The 23-year-old then went OFF, saying that the 21-year-old inappropriately touched one of his friends and blamed it on being drunk.


Apparently, the comedian’s tweets opened up a forum for other people who were sexually assaulted by the rapper to come forward and share their stories. One 15-year-old girl told Elijah how she snuck into an 18+ VidCon party and was filmed dancing by DD.

ED also accused the problematic YouTuber of grabbing a “well known YouTuber’s ass multiple times and [kissing] her without consent.”


But the allegations against Durte Dom didn’t end there. Two more YouTube stars reached out to Elijah to share their stories of how he made them feel uncomfortable at different times in the past.


This is absolutely horrific. Hopefully, authorities will take these allegations seriously so we won’t have another Austin Jones incident on our hands.

These YouTube stars were also accused of sexual misconduct: