Elijah Daniel & Christine Sydelko Get Into Twitter Feud Over Merch Issues

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Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko used to be as thick as thieves, but their relationship took a bit of a dive at the start of the year when they announced that they were ending their joint YouTube channel to focus on individual projects. The drama heated up last night after a fan told the 23-year-old she never received merchandise she ordered quite some time ago.

“It’s literally all Elijah’s fault,” Christine replied before explaining that he allegedly “ignored all his responsibilities and didn’t fulfill orders.”

The 24-year-old first responded by saying he didn’t know people were having problems with their orders, but his former bestie said he was “lying.” He has since deleted that tweet.

Elijah eventually responded directly to Christine and admitted to his fault.

He said, “100% my fault merch got f*cked up, I tried running a merch company & thought I could do it & couldn’t & got overwhelmed & lots of things went done wrong w manufacturers & I’ve literally been working every day to fix it and all the orders. None of the merch is Christine’s fault.”

But then ED told someone else that most of the orders went out without a hitch, and CS didn’t like that.

“Running business is very hard and a lot of work I’m trying my best but I’m still learning and unfortunately will f*ck up, but I will make sure everything that got f*cked up is fixed,” Elijah concluded. “I only want the best merch that you guys actually love and want to wear.”