This New Blackhead Removal Trend Will Leave You Confused… & Intrigued

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Blackheads are the worst. No matter how many charcoal masks you use, it seems like there’s always one that you missed and can’t remove it no matter how hard you try! Thankfully, over the years, there have been many small tools created just for this purpose from different skincare products to blackhead extractors. And now, this new blackhead removal trend will leave you confused, shocked and intrigued all at the same time!

The latest blackhead removal trend: using an electronic skin spatula to clear your pores. Yes, seriously! A video posted by Beauty INSIDER on Instagram shows the electronic skin spatula in action and, although super weird and a little disturbing, no one can deny the results:

Skincare lovers aren’t too convinced with the product, though. Many were confused how the electronic skin spatula is helpful when it appears to be scraping your whole skin instead of just removing the blackheads like you can do with a small extractor. Instagram user @dora.palma83 commented on the video and said, “This is so stupid. Do not buy this! It won’t help in any way. You just need to clean your skin do not scrape your skin…”

Another person by the username @kellie_binelli said, “Well your skin does need some of that oil to keep it from drying out. They’re paying $149 to damage and irritate their skin,” while user @juliastrong94 wrote, “people are just now figuring this out like ugh! It’s not new it’s been around in the esthetician world forever.”

There are a ton of different versions of the electronic skin spatula that you can purchase, one of them being sold by KINGA for $39 on Amazon.