Stuff We <3: Electronics Edition

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So you’re all excited Christmas morning while opening your presents only to find out that you got a pair of ugly gloves, a sweater that you’ll probs never wear, and other rando things that you definitely didn’t ask for. Bummer! If you’re one of those peeps who aren’t completely thrilled with the gifts you got this year, you should immediately head over to Best Buy and exchange those gifts for these. After all, we would never steer you wrong. And the best part about buying this week? A lot of things are on sale! Happy exchanging!

1. Everybody Dance for PlayStation 3
This game is all about having fun with your friends. There are 40 super-awesome songs to dance to, and you can play with up to 20 people in party mode. TWENTY people! Now that’s a party.

2. Victorious: Time To Shine for XBOX 360 Kinect
If you’re a die-hard Victorious fan and love everything Victoria Justice, then look no further than this game for XBOX 360! Act, direct, sing, dance, and more with your favorite Nickelodeon cast! It’s YOUR time to shine! Sorry, we had to.

3. Get Up And Dance for Wii
Hit your living room floor with this awesome game for Wii. With songs from Katy Perry, Timbaland, Pussycat Dolls, and Jessie J, this isn’t your mama’s dancing game.

4. Glee The Concert DVD
One of our best theater experiences this year was when we got to see our beloved Gleeks on the big screen! And now… you can take them home on DVD. Enough said.

5. Play Video Memo Recorder
What’s more fun that a Post-It note, you ask? This digital memo recorder by Play. It let’s you record 3-min video messages so you’ll never forget anything ever again. Plus, it’s totally cute and it’ll never get crushed, crumpled, or lost on your desk. You can even plop it on your fridge because it has magnets. #winning

6. Ion Audio Twin Video Digital Camcorder
Think you can be the next YouTube sensation like Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, or even these guys? Now you can with his adorbs video camera. Go ahead, film yourself doing whatever it is that you do, make it viral, and we’ll interview ya when you’re famous!

7. iHome LED Color-Changing Stereo System for iPod and iPhone
OMG, quite possibly the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. Transform your room and the way you listen to music with this crazy cool stereo system from Apple! The fact that it changes colors is the icing on the cake. Who wouldn’t want this?

8. Wireless Noise-cancelling Headphones
Have you ever walked around your house with your headphones on and got caught on doorknobs and drawers? No? Just us? Well, if you’re like us and constantly get tangled up in your ear buds, try these on for size. Not only are they wireless, but they’re noise-cancelling(!), so no more annoying siblings screaming in your ears. Just pure relaxation.

9. Coby Portable DVD Player
If you’ve got a long ride ahead of you and you’re not about to stare out the window the whole time, then meet your new best friend. Bring your DVDs along and be entertained for hours!

10. Nook Color by Barnes & Noble
This e-reader makes just about anything you do 100x more fun. Read books and magazines, surf the web, update your Facebook and Twitter, connect with friends, and play with the latest apps. What else could you ever want, really?

What kinds of gifts did you get this year? What do you wish you got this year? Do you think you will be exchanging some of your gifts for something else? Share below!

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