14 Funny Memes That Describe Exactly How Obama Reacted to the Election

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The results of the 2016 Presidential Election caused various reactions from many people. Some first-time voters were shocked that Donald Trump is now the President-Elect. Members of the LGBTQ+ community were heartbroken that Hillary Clinton didn’t win and become the first female leader of the United States. And then there was President Obama, who made an speech the day after the election, telling Americans that he is “rooting for [Trump’s] success” and encouraging them to stay “on the same team.”

But while Obama obviously spoke with extreme eloquence, we think these memes are probably a more accurate depiction of how he really reacted after Election Night. Remember: laughter brings us all together!

1. Classic Joe.

2. LOL!

3. Gotta blast!!

4. *covers eyes*

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5. Nothing to see here…

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7. Savage!

8. Brooooooo…

9. Deuces!

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10. *covers eyes*

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11. Shout out to Young Jeezy!

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12. Winter is coming…

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13. *moment of silence*

14. You got this, sun!

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Here’s how queer YouTubers reacted to Donald Trump’s election: