Louis Tomlinson’s Girlfriend Defends His Sister After Larry Stylinson Fan Slam

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TumblrLouis Tomlinson's sister, Lottie, has been on the receiving end of major backlash ever since she publicly slammed fans of Larry Stylinson, the fan-concocted relationship between One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles.

In reference to her comment calling shippers of the faux couple "deluded freaks," one fan wrote a letter stating (via Twitter): "I'd rather be called a deluded freak than be a 15-year-old little girl… You think you can insult us and we're not allowed to fight back?… You're not better than any one of us, so stop being a b**** and grow up." Ouch!

Since then, Lottie's made a point to apologize — but Louis' girlfriend, Eleanor Calder, says she has no reason to. Here are the back-to-back comments:


Who's side are you on? Are you Team Lottie/Eleanor? Or totally on Team Larry-shippers? Leave a note in the comments below, Directioners!

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