Do You Think Elaborate ‘Promposals’ Are Embarrassing or Cute?

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It’s prom season, so that means the elaborate “promposals” are in full swing. Whether it’s a guy dressing up in some weird costume, or singing a song to a girl in front of the entire school, these unique prom asks can be really cute or really embarrassing — and they’re usually all caught on tape.

We rounded up five of the cutest promposals around, and one that’s pretty awkward for everyone involved. Check them out below!

1. L, is for the way you look at me… In our opinion, this is one of the more cute(but tame!) promposals. High school student Brett Asher gathered the choir together to cheer him on as he sang Nat King Cole‘s legendary song “Love,” to his class mate Cassie McCoy as he asked her to prom. As if singing in front of people wasn’t nerve wracking enough! The reason we like this one is it’s public, but there’s not too many people involved. No wonder she said yes! Watch the cute video below.

2. A royal engagement. Remember when we mentioned weird costumes? Yeah, this is what we meant. High schooler Merrick Konja was able to round up some of his friends, and they all dressed up in aluminum foil while stopping by his peer Haley Scott‘s classroom for the big promposal. He got a friend to read off a “royal” scroll, and after she was done reading, Merrick rode in on a make-shift horse, looking like some kind of (weird) prince. Watch the video below!

3. Bruno Mars flash mob! If all else fails, go with a flash mob. Taking things very public — like the middle of the school, public — one brave high school student gathered a number of his class mates to participate in a flash mob set to Bruno Mars’ song “Marry You.” While this guy only wanted to go to prom and not actually get, ya know, married, we applaud his effort. Was his potential date totally embarrassed? Watch the video below to find out!

4. A little song goes a long way. High schooler John kept things simple (and adorable) by asking his classmate Amanda to prom with a song titled, “Amanda.” He even plays the guitar! We definitely have to give him points for originality on this one.

5. Beating hearts… Well this probably took a lot of planning! One high school student decided to ask his classmate to prom in a very public way thanks to the efforts of the school’s drum team! The drum line showed up out of no where, then when they turned their instruments, it spelled out “Prom.” Check it out below!

Bonus FAIL: While most of these promposals went according to plan, this one…not so much. Apparently a guy named Ian decided to ask a girl named Yasmin to prom, but it looks like she declined his invitation. At the end of the video he claims it was all a joke — but was it really? Maybe he decided to say that since she dissed him! Decide for yourself by watching below.

What do YOU think of elaborate promposals? Cute? Or embarrassing? Sound off in the comments section!

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