Edible Glitter Has Arrived and We’re Equal Parts Confused and Intrigued

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Just when we thought we made it safely through the viral unicorn trend that began last year, glitter has once again found a way to make it into our lives and onto our… pizza.

You heard that correctly, folks! What began as simply decorating baked goods such as birthday cakes and cupcakes with edible sparkles and glitter has now somehow transformed into one of 2018’s most interesting and controversial trends. Why? Well, because now, people are using edible glitter on more than just desserts, but on pizza and in coffee, too!

But first… #glittercoffee ✨⭐ #happytuesday

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NGL, the glitter does look really pretty, and of course, we can always appreciate some good latte art, but now that it’s being added to pizza and even beer, we have to say, it’s a latte to handle. Don’t you think?

Recently, The Washington Post reached out to Madeleine McCarthy, the maker of Gold Dust Woman beer for Sasquatch Brewery in Portland, Oregon. She said that the glitter gives the beer a “lava lamp galaxy effect in the glass.” She also added that “you can see all of these glitter swirls. All of it coming together in the glass is pretty magical.” Clearly, people are really here for the edible glitter trend, and the beer even sold out in less than a week! Whoa.

If you needed more proof that the trend is truly taking off, though, there have also been glitter bagels and glitter GRAVY, and when model and television personality Holly Madison instagrammed her glitter pizza, she only added fuel to the new food trend that’s blowing up social media.

Have you had your Rainbow glitter pizza today? ??

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The Washington Post even reached out to Jen Sagawa, the vice president of innovation for cake supply company Wilton for comment. Jen said edible glitter sales have increased over the last several years, and that probably, Instagram has played a big role in that. She said that the glitter “makes it feel a little more special, and they can get more likes from it.”

So, if you feel like sprinkling some glitter onto your food for your next Insta, we say TRY IT! Just make sure it’s edible glitter, for, well, obvious reasons.