Which Gossip Guy Just Got Cast Alongside Hailee Steinfeld?

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Has Juliet found her Romeo? Sorta! One of our fave guys from the Upper East Side has just been cast alongside Hailee Steinfeld, who’s playing Juliet in the upcoming Romeo & Juliet remake. And even though he’ll be playing bad-boy Tybalt in the movie and not Romeo himself, we gotta admit this news is kinda huge. Especially because this Gossip Girl guy is sorta new to movies…

Any guesses on who it is?!

It’s Ed Westwick! Ed is in “final negotiations” for the coveted part, according to Variety. And we can’t wait to see Ed play the bad boy again like he does as Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl!

Do you think Ed was a good pick for the part? Who should play Hailee Steinfeld’s Romeo? Leave your picks in the comments!