Ed Westwick Moves from the UES to the FBI

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Chuck Bass is already famous (or, uh, infamous) on the Upper East Side, but his fame is about to get a whole lot wider. Ed Westwick was just cast in a supporting role in the upcoming Clint Eastwood film about former FBI agent and founder J. Edgar Hoover!

WATCH: Ed Westwick in his new movie trailer!

Want more details about Ed’s latest project? Read on to find out!

Ed joins Leonardo DiCaprio and Social Network‘s Armie Hammer (who also worked with Ed on Gossip Girl back in the day!), where he’ll be playing an agent who works for Hoover (Leo). At least Ed’s already got the suit-wearing thing down.

While the plot itself may not exactly be our cup of tea, three major hotties all on screen at the same time is all it takes to get us to see this flick. Are you going to see this movie?