Would Ed Westwick Make a Good Batman?

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Ed Westwick, known best for playing so-bad-he’s-good Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, revealed his admiration for Gotham City’s superhero. Ed Westwick recently told Yahoo!, “It would be a dream come true to play Batman in a big blockbuster movie. He was my childhood superhero.”

From Chuck Bass to Bruce Wayne?

The two characters have more in common that you might think. Mr. Bass and Batman’s alter-ego are both playboy billionaires with a penchant for expensive suits pretty brunettes. (Maybe Leighton Meester could be cast as Lois Lane?)

“He’s a damn good fighter and has access to amazing gadgets, such as the utility belt and, of course, the Batmobile – I’d give my left arm just to sit in it,” Ed added. Although the ubiquitous black Town Car on Gossip Girl is nearly as glamorous…

What do you think? Should Ed Westwick be the next Batman?