Ed Sheeran on Tour: Teen.com Giveaway Winner Shares Her Experience!

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Ed Sheeran on Tour


Rising star Ed Sheeran has been busy touring the U.S. over the last few weeks, and on October 2, a Teen.com reader won our giveaway and got to attend his San Diego concert! Read on for the “amazing” experience.

I want to start off by saying that I can’t thank Teen.com enough! Winning one let alone two free tickets to see my favorite artist Ed Sheeran has been nothing but a dream. I took a really good new friend of mine who took me to the VMA’s with her this year, it was only fair that I took her to see Ed with me. She drove all the way down from Santa Monica and I wouldn’t have want to share this experience with anyone but her.

I had literally sold half of the clothes in my closet to be able to have enough money to buy a last minute ticket online to see Ed at The House Of Blues but the tickets were quadruple the price so I bought one for next year instead. I was still so sad and then I win these tickets from teen.com hours before the show! I still can’t believe that I have been so lucky in getting last minute opportunities like these.

Ed is even more perfect, beautiful and amazing in person, it’s truly unbelievable! His gig was everything and more than I could have ever imagined. I was so close to him, only a couple feet away! He was talkative and friendly and at times he was so cute and shy. I love him so much, he is truly truly amazing and the best talent out there right now.

I really wish I could have met him after since I had written him a letter but sadly he couldn’t come out after the show. So instead I gave my letter to a guy from his tour crew and they put it in their pocket. i hope they gave it to him. So I’m hoping to hear back from Ed soon! aha

Thank you so much teen.com!

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