Ed Sheeran Serenades Fan with Cystic Fibrosis Minutes Before Her Death

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As if you didn't already love Ed Sheeran enough, wait 'til you hear the latest news surrounding the "I See Fire" singer. In one of the most tear-worthy stories ever, Ed sang to one of his young fans moments before she passed away.

15-year-old Dubliner Triona Priestley suffered from cystic fibrosis. Her dying wish was to hear her favorite singer, Ed Sheeran. And she got her wish as the 23-year-old crooner reportedly sang "Little Bird," her favorite song of his, to her over the phone.

The young girl's brother, Colm, said after her death, "Myself and my family would like to thank Ed Sheeran and everyone who started and supported the #SongForTri campaign. What they gave us and her was a beautiful last moment together. Triona slipped into a sleep as Ed was singing to her and passed away shortly afterwards. So Ed Sheeran sang her to sleep. We would like to thank everyone who played their part in making that happen. We are all so proud of Triona and how she fought Cystic Fibrosis. Everyone loved Triona so much and she knew that. Thank you."

Ed later confirmed his inclusion saying, "I managed to get in contact with Triona. It's so sad."

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