Ed Sheeran Reveals He Plans to Quit Music Once He Has Kids

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Ed Sheeran recently got engaged to longtime girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, so naturally the question of when they plan to have kids is on everyone’s minds. Last year, the “Perfect” singer admitted, “I wanted to be a dad, like, last year. I’m ready, let’s go — tour bus babies, little fat, chubby babies that just walk around.” But now it seems like those plans have changed.

While the 26-year-old still wants to be a dad, it doesn’t look like his kids are going to be growing up on a tour bus, because he basically admitted that once his first child is born, he’s stepping away from the spotlight. He told The Daily Star, “My ambition is going to go to zero as soon as I have kids. I am going to be like, ‘I do not really care anymore as I have another life to take care of. It is totally understandable because you have children and your ambition shifts to be like, ‘I want to be a good father.'”

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In fact, the redheaded crooner is already starting to feel the spark going out. He continued, “To be honest my ambition is dwindling a little bit because I have achieved far more than I thought I ever would. I do not know what to do next. I feel like when you play a stadium you cannot play any bigger than that because what do you do? Sell 15 million albums? What do you do on your next album?”

This isn’t the first time there was speculation that Ed was quitting music, however. Back in April 2017 a source told the same publication that he was planning to leave Hollywood soon in order to pursue a more normal life.

“Ed has pretty much achieved everything there is to achieve in music,” the source said at the time. “He absolutely loves what he does and is riding the wave of his success at the moment, but at the same time he wants a more normal life.”

We all know that the British singer took a year-long break from Hollywood back in December 2015, so it’s not that crazy to think he’d want to do something similar when he becomes a dad.