The 8 Best Moments from Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” Music Video

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Leave it to Ed Sheeran to be able to temporarily distract us from the Reputation release tomorrow. The British crooner dropped the music video for his latest single, “Perfect,” starring Zoey Deutch and — SPOILER ALERT!!! — it holds true to its title.

The song tells the story of two young best friends, portrayed by Ed & Zoey, who naturally and ever so adorably fall in love during a ski trip. As the 26-year-old has previously detailed, the tune and video are inspired by his real-life romance with girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, which honestly just it that much cuter…

The entire “Perfect” video is adorable AF, but we decided to choose the HIGHLIGHTS, even if it was one of the toughest things ever.

1. When he teaches her how to ski.

A perfect gentleman always makes sure the lady’s feeling confident, but what’s really so special about this moment is just how amazing their friendship is. As the day goes on, there’s a definite switch in vibe, and the two get noticeably closer.

2. When they can’t stop laughing.

After skiing, Ed, Zoey, and a few of their friends refresh at the local karaoke bar, and the chemistry between our two leads is honestly HEART-MELTING.

3. When they do karaoke

Your heart just melted, didn’t it? Not to mention, Zoey is actually one of the most adorable human beings ever. In the world. Forever. The two then head outside for some pizza but stop to have a seriously cute snowball fight.

4. When they make snow angels.

The snowball fight is followed by snow angels because obviously. But it gets so real when the two head back home & Ed surprises Zoey with a song he wrote for her. GOALS!

5. When Zoey cries hearing Ed’s song.

We’re not crying. YOU’RE CRYING. No, but seriously, she’s crying, and that’s just super emotional because you know she’s totally touched by his tune, which is basically just him pouring his heart out.

6. When they find a kitten.

Because what else could possibly make this video cuter than a FREAKIN’ KITTEN?!

7. When they build a fort.

Forts are not usually thought of as romantic, but in this case they TOTALLY are. So sweet!

8. When they fall asleep together

You know what this shot means right? Zoey just woke up to the man of her dreams laying right there next to her and can’t help but realize how lucky she is.