5 Reasons We <3 Ed Sheeran Even More After Seeing Him Perform Live

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If you think listening to Ed Sheeran’s number-one album, Plus is the most fabulous way on the planet to pass some time, I am here to tell you that you ain’t seen nothin’ until you see him live. No, seriously. Last night, I had the chance to attend Ed’s completely sold-out show at Irving Plaza in NYC, and, to all those reading, I’m just going to warn you: this post may stir up some jealousy, anger, or hardcore post-concert depression. A little dramatic? Yes. Totally valid? Also yes. The show was that good. So read on to read my top 5 reasons why I love Ed even more after seeing him perform live!

1. He can successfully silence a sold-out crowd of (previously) screaming fans.
I’ve been to quite a few concerts in my day, and no matter who the performer is, the crowds are all one thing — loud. While the fans at Irving Plaza broke decibel levels many times throughout the night, when Ed asked the crowd to quiet down to come out for a completely unplugged, acoustic encore, they listened. Just like that. Amaze.
2. He encourages us to sing. Loudly. And whether or not we’re slightly tone deaf doesn’t matter.
There’s nothing wrong with belting out song lyrics in your car or in front of your mirror — I do it all the time. No shame. And I’m prettttty sure you do too. Last night, Ed seemed to embrace all of us who may (or may not in my case) have a future on American Idol, calling us a ‘gospel choir.’ Let me just tell you, when thousands of people are singing together, they sound freakin’ awesome.
3. Although he’s a red-headed, British pop singer, he has some serious rap skills.
I know what you’re thinking — rap skills? Ohhhh yeah. During “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” (which the crowd impressively knew all the lyrics to, too) Ed not only managed to breath through ten whole minutes of non-stop fast-paced rapping, but he also subtly included a little snippet of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.” For a closet ‘Fitty’ fan like myself, I was in heaven.
4. He sings and performs 100 percent live, unedited and real.
Having a background band is nothing unusual, right? So when Ed took the stage completely solo with just a mic and a guitar, I was slightly confused. But, as per youge, I learned never to question the musical greats. He had a special looping microphone that he could sing harmonies, beats, etc. into so they could create the proper backing track needed. So basically, Ed has the ability to not only sing, play guitar, rap and beat box, but he can pretty much sound like every musical instrument known to man. #impressive.
5. Even though he’s insanely successful, he’s not a diva.
It would’ve been easy for Ed to walk into the venue, perform his set, and leave. Simple as that. But, I lost count of how many times he told the crowd ‘thank you.’ I even overheard some fans talking about how they saw him walk right into the front doors of the venue like anyone else. No secret backstage entrances for that guy, thank you very much. If there’s something I love more than good music, it’s nice guys who make good music.
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