Meredith Swift Doesn’t Like Taylor, So Says Ed Sheeran

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Twitter (@taylorswift13)There's a diva in town that goes by the name of Swift; Meredith Swift to be more precise. And she sounds all types of catty. Though, that's probably because she actually is Taylor Swift's pet kitty.

In an interview with M magazine, the "22" singer's Red tourmate, Ed Sheeran, spills on T.Swift's furry friend foe, "Meredith doesn't like anyone. There's moments when she doesn't even like Taylor. She's just a very ungrateful cat." He continues, "She just expects it to come to her and if it doesn't then she'll just glare at you."

See? Sounds like a total D-I-V-A to us. But Ed admits that it's almost warranted, "I think [because] Taylor isn't a diva, I think someone in that camp needs to be a diva. So Meredith fits that quite well."

Hmm, wonder how she'd stack up against Teen.com reader-voted Favorite Famous Feline, Grumpy Cat, IRL. Bet Tardar Sauce could put her in her place in the diva department…

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