All the Ladies Who Ed Sheeran Supposedly Dated

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When we think of an artist who writes love songs, we immediately think of Taylor Swift. But it turns out that her bestie, Ed Sheeran has written quite a few songs himself. And many of them are also, indeed, all about love. How? Well, this soulful singer has quite the relationship track record himself! From models to fellow singers to the girl from back home, these lovely ladies have been lucky enough be considered Ed’s “One” at some point — whether they were the inspiration for his songs or not.

But, how come we never really know about them? Because — reasonably so — he’s SUPER private about it all. “I just never want to be public. It always, always backfires. I really wish I could disappear at moments that I’m with a significant other. It’s none of anyone’s f***ing business,” he shared with Billboard magazine earlier this year. Either way, we’re totally jealous. Can we just get him to serenade us? That would be more than enough, honestly.