Ed Sheeran Cancels Tour Dates After Breaking Multiple Bones in Accident

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Ed Sheeran knew there was a possibility that he’d have to cancel some tour dates following a recent bicycle accident, but was holding out hope that doctors would tell him his injuries weren’t that bad. Unfortunately, the “Perfect” singer did, in fact, break multiple bones and will not be able to perform at several upcoming shows.

He wrote on Instagram, “A visit to my doctors confirmed fractures in my right wrist and left elbow that will leave me unable to perform live concerts for the immediate future. Sadly, this means that the following shows will not be able to go ahead as planned: Taipei, Osaka, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. I’m waiting to see how the healing progresses before we have to decide on shows beyond that. Please stay tuned for more details. PS — Ed isn’t typing this as he has both arms casted/bandaged.”

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The Mirror previously reported that the 26-year-old was hit by a car while he was riding his bicycle in London on Monday, causing him to fall to the ground and break his right wrist and left elbow.

Ed has been on the ÷ Tour since March and was set to start the Asian leg in Taipei, Taiwan, on October 22. Currently, the next show the redhead is planning to play will be in Manila, Philippines, on November 7, but who knows if that’s 100 percent a go. We’ll just have to wait and see how he heals in the coming weeks and hope for the best.

We know Ed will be back and better than ever (like that’s even humanly possible lol) in no time at all. Get well soon!

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