Exclusive: Ed Sheeran Talks Taylor Swift, Harry Styles & More Before Kicking Off His U.S. Tour!

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Couresy of Ed SheeranWe’ve seen him in concert and spent an entire day with him, but we still can’t get enough of Ed Sheeran. So fortunately for us — and you! — we’re going behind the scenes of his U.S. tour, snagging pics and quotes from his travels across the States whenever we can get them, and we’ll be sharing every bit of it with you, Little Birdies. Sounds fair, right?

But before he really settled into his trip, starting with Florida this past weekend, he chatted with us about his new adventures, life on the road, his trusting relationship with Harry Styles, and, of course, his upcoming duet with the one and only, Taylor Swift.

When asked about Miss Swift, Ed had nothing but good things to share about the ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ singer. In fact, he said he got to listen to the whole Red album — jealous! — and it’s far from what we’ve heard from her in the past. As for what Ed’s collab with Tay will sound like, well, let’s just say you shouldn’t expect another “WANEGBT.” (We’re hoping it’ll sound something like this, though.)


The pic of the new dueters(?) above isn’t the only cute photo we’ve seen in the Twittersphere from Ed lately. Just last month, he posted this picture of his old music career diary. He says it contains details about every single gig he put on from ’09-’10! We’re not sure what he covered then, but he told us if he had the chance to cover any popular song now, it’d have to be something from fun. — maybe a little “We Are Young,” perhaps?


Obviously, we couldn’t let Ed skate by without dishing on his relationship with One Direction. Especially with Harry. ICYMI, Ed recently gave his friend a tattoo of a padlock. His reasoning? Err — there wasn’t one. It was a ‘just because’ situation. And, according to Ed, Harry was supposed to give him one too, but they ran out of time! Majorly trusting friends right here. Fortch, we got Ed to reveal that he got himself inked once again just yesterday with… a Heinz Ketchup bottle? Can’t wait to see the pics!


P.S. Since this is all about Ed’s U.S. tour, we asked him his favorite city. And he responded with New York! (Ya know, where one of the Teen.com offices are, hehe.) For more Ed Sheeran goodies, make sure to check back soon! Until next time, click through the gallery below for the first round of BTS pics, and make sure to visit EdSheeran.com to get tickets to his upcoming shows!