Stuff We <3 That's Eco-Friendly

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We’re thinking green over here at Teen.com and we think you should too! In honor of Earth Day coming up, we found some pretty sweet merch for you to get your green on with. So before you head out to enjoy the springtime sun, we think you should get your hands on some of this stuff right here…

1. TOMS Shoes– Get one, give one! With every pair purchased, TOMS donates a pair to a child in need! If that’s not enough, they’re totes environmentally friendly and adorable! K. Stew and Shenae Grimes are rockin’ em, so should you! BUY HERE!

2. Yes To Carrots Lip Butter – Block those harmful rays from your lips in the sun with these completely natural and sweet smelling lip butters. Yes To Carrots does no animal testing which also makes them awesome. BUY HERE!

3. Bedol Water Powered Clock – This has got to be the coolest clock we ever did see! Just fill it with water and it converts ions in the water into clean energy power to keep your clock ticking. Mind. Blown. BUY HERE!

4. Kolobags Laptop Case -We’ve all got them, so why not keep it safe and eco-friendly? Kolobags has super cute and natural cases for your laptop.   BUY HERE!

5. Arbor Collective Apparel -Arbor Collective is an awesome surf and skate company who are 100 percent environmentally friendly. While you’re not hitting the waves, rock these Mother Nature friendly clothes that we’re obsessed with.  BUY HERE!

6.  Nahui Ollin Candy Wrapper Bags -We. Want. Candy. We don’t know anybody who wouldn’t want to carry around their favorite candy with them at all times in bag form. Genius.  BUY HERE!

7. Butter London Nail Polish Unlike all those other brands, Butter London polishes are eco-friendly! They’re “3 free”, which means they’re formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, DPB, or parabens. Can we get every color please?  BUY HERE!

8. Solio Bolt -Forget your phone charger at home? No big. Let the sun charge your battery! Soak up the sun and juice up your battery at the same time with this sweet gadget.  BUY HERE!

9. Poo Frames -These are kind gross but we’re going to ignore it for the sake of style. Yup. They’re cute. We think we can get past the “poo” part… BUY HERE!

10. Pacifica Perfumes – Pacifica has a huge line of body care but we’re especially loving their perfumes.They use  post-consumer recyclables for the packaging, and their huge line of scents are free of yucky chemicals  and cruelty-free! BUY HERE!

WDYT of these eco-friendly finds? Are you guys eco-friendly? Any Mother Nature friendly plans for Earth Day this year?!

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