8 Easy Ways to Ace Every School Reading Assignment

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The one thing I don’t miss about high school, besides waking up early and having to deal with cliquey people, is doing homework. It can be especially hard to get homework done immediately after the sun, when you’ve gotten so used to hanging by the pool for the past three months. You kept putting off your summer reading assignment, thinking you’ll have plenty of time to do it before school starts, and now, it’s almost September, and you have a book report due soon. Ugh. How do you ace those summer reading assignments that you put off until the last possible second? And every other reading assignment after that, to be honest.

Sure, you could just try and sit and read, but it can be so easy to get distracted. Reading is hard for a lot of people, and this is especially true when you’re reading something you aren’t very interested in. There is so much information to retain and sometimes the material isn’t easy. Well, no worries, I’ve got your back. I was the #Queen of putting off things until last minute when I was in school, and yet, I was still able to get pretty good grades. Here are some quick tips to get those reading assignments done quicker than you could say, ‘Wait, we had homework?’ Check them out below:

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