15 Easy Hairstyles to Wear to the Beach or Pool This Summer

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I can tell you that, from my own personal experience, summer is the worst time to have unmanageable hair. In the winter, you can just throw a beanie over your hair or blow dry it. In the summer, it is way too hot for that, and the heat can really destroy your hair. So, unless you have perfect, Barbie-style waves, your hair will probably be a mess this summer, especially when you go to the beach or hang by the pool. You want your hair to look cute for the Instagram photos that you and your BFFs will deff be posting, but with the heat and humidity, that can be hard. What’s a frizzy-haired girl supposed to do?! It’s okay, we can help.

You don’t have to go hang by the water with your hair in a messy bun or down and sweaty — you have other options! Here are some cute, beach-approved hairstyles that you can easily do this summer. They’re easy to style, and they won’t get totally destroyed if you end up going underwater. They’ll also look cute and they won’t feel too hot and sticky. So, if you want to head to any body of water this summer, don’t let the fear of messy hair stop you!

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