21 Easy Messy Bun Tutorials for the Perfect Disheveled Look

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I don’t know about you guys, but I like messy hairstyles better than perfectly done looks where not one strand is out of place. Sure, a smooth and sleek updo can be crazy gorgeous, but when it comes to #hairgoals, I prefer something that is purposely disheveled. And I’m clearly not alone. Messy buns are are one of the most popular hairstyles out there, and, weirdly they’re also some of the hardest to get right. Anyone who has tried to do a messy bun that looks mussed up but still good knows this. It’s not as simple as just pulling your hair into a hair tie and leaving the ends to do what they want (I wish, honestly). Yes, sometimes you’ll have that beautiful moment where you tie your hair up and it looks perfectly, effortlessly messy (this can only happen right before you go to bed, usually), but most of the time, a messy bun looks, well… too messy.

So, how do you achieve that bun that says, “I woke up like this, but also I know you know that I did not but let’s pretend, okay?” Through practice. Once you nail that messy bun routine that works for you, it will become super easy, fast and your go-to look for most days. To get there, though, you need to try out a few different techniques. The messy bun tutorials below are simple and made for almost every different hair type, and they’ll give you that boho goddess look in no time. Check out these messy bun tutorials to find the one that you’ll incorporate into your daily routine:

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