Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make Using Only Makeup

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ALERT: Halloween is just two days away. That’s right — if you haven’t gotten your plans on lock yet, you have less than 48 hours to come up with the most epic costume your friends have ever seen.

We’re gonna be honest here for a second. Coming up with an ENTIRE costume with such a small amount of time to spare will be kinda tough, but don’t worry — we still got you covered. Sometimes, a good face of makeup is all you need to transform yourself into something completely new and totally epic. And guess what — it’s actually pretty easy!

So get your brushes out and follow the below hacks to make this October 31 the best one ever!

1. In the mood to impress your friends? This skeleton will do the trick:

2. You learned how to make DIY animal ears, now it’s time to make your makeup match!

3. Not all fairies have to be sparkles and rainbows…

4. Turn yourself into a cartoon by following these simple (yet incredible) steps. SO cool!

5. But if you’re not into painting your entire face, you can do the same animated effect on just your lips!

6. Impress your friends by becoming Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas:

7. HOLY CRAP! The The Purge look is terrifying but actually really easy:

8. Think creating mermaid scales is super difficult? Wrong! Simply grab some fishnets and blue eyeshadow for DIY face art:

9. Pale foundation + lots of black = The easiest Wednesday Adams costume ever.

10. When transforming yourself into an owl, you can go all out and use feathers accents, or simply stick to makeup.

11. Everyone wanted to be Barbie at one point or another, and now you can!

12. All sugar skulls are different, so you can get super creative when transforming yourself into this Mexican icon.



13. Want a bright, over-the-top costume? This Dr. Seuss character is seriously the perfect option! And just think — all your friends will be so jealous!

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