14 Incredibly Simple Hair Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Girls Who Are Super Lazy

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It’s a constant struggle: wanting your hair to look super cute in the morning but literally having zero energy to make that dream happen. Sleep is just so addicting, you know?! But if you’re sick of wearing your locks in an messy bun or side braid every day, you absolutely MUST keep reading.

We know looking at hairstyle hacks can be a bit overwhelming; that piece goes where? You tuck that into what? But TRUST US — these hacks are truly super simple that even the laziest of girls will be able to accomplish ’em.

1. Get gorgeous curls without the hassle by putting your hair in a ponytail, curling the loose hair and letting your waves shine!

2. Spice up the typical messy bun with this easy trick:

3. A twisted ponytail + a braid = A super-simple ‘do that looks WAY more complicated than it actually is:

4. Top knots are the greatest thing since sliced bread:

5. If you’re looking a hair style that LITERALLY take no time in the morning, try these easy overnight curls!

6. Put a spin on your everyday side braid with this side twist:



7. A double ponytail instantly transforms your look from ‘gym-day chic’ to ‘red-carpet ready:’



8. Another way to amp up your pony is to simply stick a small butterfly clip by the base and watch the volume appear.

9. Here’s how you can wrap two chunks of hair around a normal low bun and instantly make it look like a glam updo:

10. Have a pretty headband but don’t know how to use it? Put it on your head like a crown, tuck your hair up into it and voila!

11. Having a really bad hair day? Throw your locks into a messy bun and wrap any pretty scarf around it:

12. Update a simple half-up ‘do by tying a tiny bow:

13. Turn a braid into a unique bun by simply wrapping it up and pinning it down.

14. This is the only time having knots in your hair is a good thing:

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