Prom ‘Dos You Already Know How to Do

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In olden times when I was growing up, girls used to go to a salon, sit in a chair, and get their hair did for three hours in order to prep for prom. It was all about a good updo. But in the last couple years, prom hairstyles have gotten increasingly casual…and for good reason. The too-much-hairspray, curls-busting-out-of-random places thing is so 90s 00s Jersey Shore at this point. (And yes, you can make fun of Jersey if you grew up there.) So if you’re stressing about a prom ‘do (or if this post just lit that fire, sorry) — relax — because there are a bunch of styles you already know how to accomplish that are finally, rightfully glam-worthy enough for a teen’s prom in the teen decade:

Long, Crimped Hair

What it Says About You: I don’t take prom too seriously. I have a fun/funky/trendy style and I’m not about to get too formal with my hair for the year’s biggest “formal”.

Yes, you can actually crimp your hair for prom. Bonus points if it’s bleach blonde and you have no fear of looking like Malibu Barbie. Celebs like Nicki Minaj and Tyra Banks have already tried it out on the RC, so why not try it out at your prom? Plus, what’s more fun than crimping your hair?

Super Tight Pony or Bun

What it Says About You: I want to do something slightly fancy for prom, but I want it to look effortless and chic.

The great thing about Anne Hathaway‘s ‘do is that you’ve had practice with this look since you were a little girl. Pulling your hair back into a super tight pony or bun is quick, relatively painless and can be accomplished with as much or as little hairspray as you want. Plus, this style will totally highlight your face and your gorgeous dress.

Soft Waves With a Killer Part

What it Says About You: I’m flirty. And just like Lea Michele, I might have a little bit of cleavage I my mom wants to cover up.

This super-easy style requires 1. A comb and some precise hand movements. 2. A little bit of volumizer. 3. A hair dryer. 4. A curling iron and the ability to twirl your hand. Voilà!

Which of these easy prom hairstyles is your fave? Have you decided on a hair or prom look yet? Post pics on our Facebook wall or links in the comments!

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