Real-Life High School Musical School Virtually Destroyed by Flash Flood

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East High is basically sacred ground for all High School Musical fans. The real-life high school in Salt Lake City, Utah, was the home of iconic HSM moments like the “Get’cha Head in the Game” dance that happened in the gym and the cafeteria’s “Stick to the Status Quo” performance. Unfortunately, these locations were recently rocked by unexpected flash flooding that put them several feet under water.

A Salt Lake City news station reports that a state assessor called it “the worst flood damage ever seen in a school.” The estimated cost to repair the damage from the heavy rains is $2-3 million.

“The rain came down the hill and settled in front of East High upwards of four to five feet,” facilities director Paul Schulte said. “There’s pretty extensive damage and a pretty significant amount of cleanup.”

Yandary Zavala Chatwin, a spokeswoman for the district, added, “There’s so much water. They’re still trying to get the water out before they can assess the final damage.”

Actress KayCee Stroh, who played Martha Cox in the Disney Channel movies, shared a picture of the flooded cafeteria on Instagram.

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She wrote, “Sad day at East High today. A rain storm has triggered a flash flood and it is estimated that they have 2-3 million dollars in damage already! Basement is completely flooded, here is the cafeteria and they are trying to save the famous basketball court as we speak! Fingers crossed for our iconic #easthighschool”

Other photos posted to her account show the water-ridden gymnasium and main entrance.

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Students who currently attend East High are supposed to go back to start the new school year in about three weeks, but Ms. Zavala Chatwin says they “anticipate being able to get [cleanup] done by the 21st of August,” which would not affect students.