12 Early ’00s Trends That Are Huge Right Now

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Fashion recycles, and whether we like it or not, that has recently meant that the early 2000s are rearing their ugly head into the style world again. Okay, maybe ugly is strong. As someone who was was a pre-teen for most of the early ’00s, I look back at my style choices with a little bit of a nostalgic cringe. I really thought that low rise flares made me look like a bad-ass, wearing a T-shirt over long sleeved shirts was all I knew, and I can still smell the green apple scented body glitter from Limited Too (now known as Justice).

If you told me a few years ago that the early ’00s would be making a comeback, I would have yelled, “NOOOOOO!” It was an era that brought about some seriously unfortunate looks–from visible thong to a torrent of newsboy caps. But now… I’m a little more open to an, erh, edited version of early ’00s gems. Hey, it wasn’t all bad. There’s still a certain charm to the whole “shirt underneath cami dress” look, and as much as we still love skinny jeans, there’ nothing wrong with some wide leg pants in your wardrobe. There’s a grab bag of early ’00s styles that you’ll either love or hate, but one thing is certain: These 12 early ’00s trends are huge right now, and you might just find yourself indulging in it:

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