E3 Video Game Convention: See Pics From Joey, Meghan, and Smosh!

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It’s that time of year again — E3! In case you don’y know, E3 — which is short for Electronic Entertainment Expo — is basically a huge convention that comes to L.A. every year, where computer and video game industry come to show off their new products.

People get to try said products out, and meet other gamers — it’s basically just a fun time! By now, you probably know how much Joey and Meghan love video games (hello, PWND, any one?!), so you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that these two hit up E3! Also, Ian and Anthony from Smosh made time to check it out, and plenty of photos were snapped.

Also, stay tuned, because on Wednesday’s Trendin’ on Teen and Thursday’s Andy and Alex Show we’ll be chatting more about the fun video game convention.

Take a look at the most recent E3 antics in the gallery below, and head over to Smosh and Escapist for even more E3 coverage!

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