Dylan Sprouse Finally Addresses Rumors That He Cheated on His Girlfriend

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Last Thursday, Dylan Sprouses girlfriend, Dayna Frazer, posted and deleted a picture on her Instagram story that claimed the actor cheated.

“When you find out your bf cheated on you lol,” she wrote on the photo that showed tears streaming down her face.

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The model also unfollowed the Suite Life of Zack & Cody on IG and deleted a bunch of pictures she posted of the couple.

The girl quickly deleted the image, but the damage had already been done and countless people called out the former Disney Channel star for being unfaithful. Now, almost a week later, the 24-year-old actor has spoken out about the rumors and kindasorta tried to clear his name. Dyl tweeted a series of messages that discussed the dangers of believing one-sided stories and how his family and friends know what kind of person he really is.

“I will say this and only this: by adhering to an assumption based on limited information, you neglect the complicated nature of this issue,” he wrote on Twitter just a little while ago. “The truth always has two sides, and those sides have motivations, and those motivations, despite how cloudy they currently seem, are private. This is complicated and it will remain complicated, but those who know me and who have known me, know well enough what kind of person I am. And that is all.”

While these words aren’t necessarily a denial, they definitely allude to the fact that Dylan doesn’t believe he did anything wrong. So, did he cheat? We may honestly never know for sure, especially since it doesn’t look like he plans on speaking out about his personal life from this point on. Dayna has to yet to say anything else about her allegations.