Dylan Sprouse’s Longtime Girlfriend, Dayna Frazer, Claims the Actor Cheated

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Dylan Sprouse and Dayna Frazer were always #relationshipgoals to the extreme. The pair started dating back in early 2014 and have been together ever since (yes, there were some breakup rumors last year, but those were quickly proven to be untrue). The couple often posted pictures together on social media, with the former Disney Channel star writing things like, “how the [heck] did I land with someone like this?,” to go along with them. Unfortunately, it seems like there’s some trouble in paradise ATM.

Last night, the 24-year-old uploaded a photo of herself crying on Instagram stories with the caption, “When you find out your bf cheated on you lol.” The shot has since been deleted.

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The model also unfollowed the 25-year-old on the social media site and deleted almost all of the photos she had of the two together on her page. The NYU alum also unfollowed Dayna on IG, and was apparently deleting negative comments people were leaving on his pics.

While no one knows for sure if DF’s claims are true and/or that the couple broke up, fans of the pair are pretty much heartbroken over the situation.

Cheating is never okay.