6 Stunning Ladies One Teen Wolf Actor Has Allegedly Dated

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Teen Wolf has been a big topic of discussion for the past couple of weeks. While we approach the mid-season finale next week, we’ve had several weeks of jaw-dropping (and tear-jerking) episodes… plus, with all those TW nudes that have been leaked recently (in a hacking scandal that’s been dubbed The Wolfening), it’s basically impossible to avoid thinking about the MTV show 24/7.

The two Dylans of the series have stayed embarrassing-photo-leak free (and fingers crossed they can keep it that way!), but when Dylan Sprayberry made a joke about releasing his ~private~ photographs himself, he was met with both positive and negative responses. He tweeted, “So I’ll be posting my nudes sometime tomorrow, that way no one can take credit for it! #lovemyfriends #respectmyfriends.” With a sense of humor like that (and ya know, his looks), it makes sense that there would be a lot of lovely ladies trying to get his attention.

In his two seasons as a series regular on Teen Wolf, the actor has been romantically linked to a co-star or two, and found himself at the center of a questionably creepy fan rumor. To find out more about the 18-year-old’s ~complicated~ love-life, keep reading!