Dylan O’Brien Performs Intense Stunt in New Death Cure Deleted Scene

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Sadly for all, the Maze Runner franchise has come to an end and we no longer have another film to look forward to. Butttttt at least there’s the DVD set to not only relive our favorite movies over and over again, but to also check the awesome behind-the-scenes action, right?

We all know that Maze Runner: The Death Cure was pushed back for almost an entire year due to Dylan O’Brien suffering a serious injury while filming the flick in Vancouver. While the 26-year-old went through a tough recovery both physically and mentally, he ultimately decided to jump back into the filming process, which included him getting back into doing stunts

In one particular scene, the actors had to perform an intense stunt that required jumping off of the edge of a broken bridge onto a tiny ledge. It didn’t end up making the final cut of the movie, but the deleted clip shows Dylan, Will Poulter and Thomas Brodie-Sangster making the leap.

Entertainment Tonight also obtained exclusive footage from the film that heavily features the Teen Wolf alum.

In ET‘s clip, Dylan’s character, Thomas, and his friends are seen frantically running away from an unfinished CGI train in a tunnel underneath the city. Obviously the scene would’ve been a lot more intense in its finished form, but the actors still managed to make the whole thing feel intense without a real train in the shot. This is why they get paid the big bucks, people.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure is available digitally April 10 and on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on April 24.