Months After His Injury, There’s Finally Good News on the Dylan O’Brien Front

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Since news broke that Dylan O’Brien got injured after being hit by a car on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure back in March, basically all updates have been negative. While his friends confirmed that he was (thankfully) doing well in his recovery, production of the third installment of the TMR series had to be pushed back and the film’s release was ultimately delayed, too.

And if those reports weren’t enough for Gladers to handle, reports then surfaced that the 24-year-old might also be leaving Teen Wolf. UGH! But luckily, after getting a steady stream of bad news on the Dyl front for the past couple months, we finally have some good news — Stiles Stilinski will, in fact, be returning for TW season six! YAAAAAAAAAS!

“Stiles is a big part of the season because a lot of this season’s mystery revolves around him,” executive producer Jeff Davis told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re going to see just what Stiles’ friendship means to Scott, Lydia, and Malia. We’re going to see why exactly he’s Scott’s best friend, what it means that he’s Malia’s human anchor, and what his will-they-or-won’t-they relationship is with Lydia.”

EW also got access to a photo of Dylan filming the next season, and despite the fact that he’s wearing a hand brace, it reportedly has nothing to do with the injuries he got on set of The Death Cure.

“That is a Dylan O’Brien injury that was written into the show,” the EP confirmed. “You’ll see what happens with that in the first episode.”

Teen Wolf season six (complete with Stiles Stilinski’s beautiful face) is set to premiere on MTV in the fall.


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