Arden Cho May Not Be the Only Main Teen Wolf Cast Member to Exit the Series

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This would SUCK. Multiple reports are suggesting that one of Teen Wolf‘s most beloved cast members may not return for Season 6 — and that cast member is… Dylan O’Brien!!! We know what you’re thinking: The show can’t possibly go on without Stiles Stilinski, but the (hopefully, completely FALSE) rumors are addressing that, too.

Due to the injuries the 24-year-old actor suffered on the set of The Maze Runner‘s third and final film, The Death Cure, in March 2016, after being RUN OVER during a stunt, the film’s production has been postponed indefinitely, as he takes the time to recover from his concussion, facial fracture, lacerations and, you know, multiple broken bones. Given that information, it’s heavily implied that his Teen Wolf schedule will be impacted as well.

But, rather than suggest a push in the timeframe, multiple outlets are saying that the MTV television series will begin filming sans Dylan, as he deals with “several personal issues,” including, perhaps, a new movie, titled American Assassin.

As of right now, there’s only one conflicting report; a supposed interview with Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis. It reads, “No, we aren’t replacing Stiles. Dylan O’Brien will be back to film soon. He can’t do any stunts and we’re talking with Wes Ball, the [director] of The Maze Runner.”

It continues, “We hope to get him back on Teen Wolf to film, while being injured, but the thing is, he wants to film, he’s in perfect condition. But he’s just not doing fine enough to do any stunts.”

If Dylan does not return, the alternative that’s circulating around the Internet is that Harry Styles would replace him. As in, Styles would be Stiles. Seeing as how he’s currently starring in his first film, Dunkirk, though, we don’t see that happening.

Considering Arden Cho‘s recent & shocking exit from the teen TV drama, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. And it’s not as if main characters have never left television shows before — just look at Nina Dobrev/The Vampire Diaries, Chad Michael Murray/One Tree Hill… Guess only time will tell us that it’s NOT true.

Did you know The Death Cure isn’t the first movie to be delayed because of an actor’s set injuries? These flicks shared the same setback: