Dylan O’Brien Confirms All is Well After False Tweet from Rocky Lynch

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UPDATE: Great news! Dylan O’Brien confirmed that he’s completely fine.

Rocky also apologized for wreaking havoc.


We never thought we’d say this, but Rocky Lynch from R5 is currently the source of what could potentially be a shocking story about Dylan O’Brien. The 23-year-old musician tweeted not too long ago that cops are outside the Maze Runner: The Death Cure star’s house as we speak.

Someone asked how he could possibly know that information, and he confirmed that Dyl is his neighbor in Los Angeles.

Fans are obviously extremely concerned for the 26-year-old’s safety, as getting a visit from police officers isn’t usually a good thing. But despite their repeated attempts to get clarification from either the R5 guy or Teen Wolf actor, they’re only being met with silence.

Dylan is currently laying low from the rigors of Hollywood, having just finished a worldwide promotion tour for the final installment of the Maze Runner series. He was forced to take a break from filming The Death Cure in March 2016 after he was seriously injured in a stunt gone wrong on the set. Production was shut down until February 2017 so that he could heal both mentally and physially.

He eventually told Vulture that he “was in a dark place” following the accident, causing him to have panic attacks.

He explained, “I had lost a lot of function, just in my daily routine. I wasn’t even at a point where I felt like I could handle social situations, let alone showing up and being responsible for work every day. Long hours on set, delivering a performance and carrying a movie…it just makes your palms sweat.”

Nothing is confirmed at this point, as the only source of info is Rocky Lynch. We hope everything is okay with the MTV alum and will keep you posted if any further information trickles in.