10 NSFW Tweets to 13 Reasons Why‘s Leading Man That’ll Make You Blush Hard

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Dylan Minnette plays the sweet, innocent Clay Jensen, who barely knew how to speak to a girl, let alone kiss her, on 13 Reasons Why. While the actor may very well be a Casanova in real life, it’s hard for us to picture him as anything other than an awkward little boy. But it seems like not everyone has that problem…

Fans of 13RW obviously fell for the 20-year-old actor as soon as they saw him on their screens, but not everyone had the same feeling of, ‘OMG I WANT TO SQUISH HIM!!!!,’ as we did. In fact, some people’s minds immediately went to a more dirty place…like, really dirty. Here are some of the NSFW things they tweet to the cutie that’ll make your Clay Jensen-loving self blush hard freakin’ core:

1. ~True luv~

2. You def should care!

3. What does this even mean?

4. You know he’s not REALLY Clay Jensen, right?

5. Welp, that’s blunt.


7. *covers eyes*

8. We’re seriously feeling uncomfortable.

9. K.

10. You’re not the only one…

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