All Hell Breaks Loose After Vine Star Ditches HUGE Fan Event

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There are several different kinds of events where fans can interact with their favorite Viners, YouTubers and other social media stars; there’s VidCon and Playlist Live and DigiFest… Then there’s MAGCON, which also happens to be a major event that fans across the globe look forward to every year. MAGCON (which stands for “Meet and Greet Convention”) began a few years ago, and has only grown in popularity.

This year’s lineup included Aaron Carpenter, Cameron Dallas, Dylan Dauzat, Taylor Caniff and Jacob Sartorious, among others. The tour kicked off in March, and has plenty more dates scheduled throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia. However, one of your fave MAGCON boys just dropped out of the event and fans definitely didn’t see it coming.

It was recently confirmed that Dylan Dauzat, who first became famous for his Vines and YT videos, will not be joining the MAGCON stars for the remainder of the dates. Though the news seemingly came out of nowhere, Dylan explained that he thought long and hard about this difficult decision. “My decision to leave MAGCON has been a tough one. I love all the guys involved and it tears me apart that I wont get to see them as often and be a part of everyone’s success,” he said.

Even though there doesn’t appear to be any drama between Dylan and the boys, fans are seriously upset by the unexpected news. Dylan hasn’t mentioned the news on Twitter yet, but that hasn’t stopped fans from tweeting the Viner, expressing their complete shock.

Several fans have tweeted him, wondering if the news is in fact true:

Other fans are demanding an explanation, after basically being blindsided:

And other fans seem heartbroken and shocked:

Rather than continue touring with the other boys, Dylan will be pursuing activities of his own. Since he recently moved to LA, it will probably be much easier for the Viner to accomplish everything he hopes to. “However, after lots of late night thinking and conversations with my team, I have decided that it is in my best interest to part ways. I am excited for the future and to work on some great projects now that I am living in LA,” he said.

We’ll miss ya, Dyl!

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