15 Times Dylan & Cole Sprouse Hilariously Roasted Each Other on Twitter

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Disney Channel

Disney Channel

Zack and Cody Martin — we mean, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, have been in Hollywood for a looooong time. Long enough, in fact, that they’ve completely solidified their reputation as two of the funniest (if not the funniest, TBH) celebrity twins in the biz. Sure, Cole’s new CW show Riverdale might be way less comical than anything he’s been in before, but not to worry; his depiction of Jughead Jones will still have you smirking quite a lot!

It’s not just on the small screen where the Sprouse boys keep us laughing. In fact, their online presences are almost just as funny, if not even MORE hilarious, than The Suite Life ever was. The 24-year-olds have basically crowned themselves co-kings of Twitter with their clever quips and sly digs. Their number-one targets? Each other, of course! While some people would get annoyed being constantly the butt of another’s joke, both actors take it all in stride. They can dish it out and they can take it… and we’re over here just enjoying the show!