The ’70s Had Jaws, But We’ve Got Shark Night 3D & We’re So Glad It Didn’t Come Out Until The End of Summer! (Exclusive Clip)

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Just when we thought shark movies were, like, so a thing of the ’70s, we get hit with this new flick, Shark Night 3D. For a sec we thought it was going to be full of no-name actors and crazy amounts of gore, but surprise surprise, everyone in this movie is a C-list star. The movie’s got Sara Paxton, former 90210 hottie Dustin Milligan (Nice to see you without your shirt on again!), Katharine McPhee (The House Bunny), Chris Carmack (The O.C.) and Alyssa Diaz (The Nine Lives of Chloe King). Recognize these guys? Uh yea, us too!

Check them all out in this exclusive (and terrifying) clip from Shark Night… and yes, you’ve been warned!

Shark Night 3D is in theaters September 2! Think you’ll add this flick to your Labor Day weekend plans? Did you know any of these peeps were in the movie? Tell us what you’re thinking bout Shark Night 3D in the comments!