5 Theories That’ll Change the Way You Look At Dumbo

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So many Disney movies are overflowing with hidden messages, but Dumbo may take the cake for the worst ones. Perhaps because it was released in the early ’40s? Who knows? Whatever the case, here are five fan theories that’ll change the way you look at the cartoon about the most famous (slash only) flying elephant:

1. If Snow White is about cocaine, then Dumbo is about alcohol. “No one who knew Walt Disney ever claimed that he or his animators used recreational drugs. Even so, Snow White was released in 1937, and the big drug of the ’30s was alcohol, not cocaine. So perhaps Dumbo was part of a conspiracy to have kids grow up to be alkies.”—Listverse

2. And not just any kind of alcohol… “Our two main characters drink the water laced with champagne and begin seeing pink pachyderms. Was it also laced with absinthe (which has hallucinogenic properties)?”—Doctor Disney

3. Dumbo was a biracial lovechild. “Seeing as it was created in times not so friendly to other races, Dumbo might have been the manifestation of thought towards procreation outside your own race. Mrs. Jumbo clearly was a widow and the other elephants were excited for her new arrival at first, the immediately they recognized the difference between them and saw both the newborn and his mother as outsiders.”—Reddit

4. More racism. Dumbo “runs into a band of jive-talking black crows who sing, ‘I’d be done see’n about everything/when I see an elephant fly!’ Come on, blackbirds acting in a manner stereotypically assigned to African-Americans isn’t that offensive. At least they didn’t just get some white guy to do his best “black voice.” Oh, really? They did? And, they called the lead character ‘Jim Crow?’ Um, hey, look over there! It’s a convincing, logical end to this argument!

5. So. Much. Illuminati. Messaging. “Within Dumbo, the circus master uses the elephants to form a ‘great pyramid of elephants.’ Notice that this pyramid is missing its capstone; The Great Pyramid of Giza is also missing its capstone… Dumbo (Satan) is the capstone.”

“Dumbo was different from the other elephants; he had big ears. This is an allusion to Enki’s difference (benevolence) which caused him to be outcast from the other aliens. Dumbo caused the pyramid of elephants to collapse. This is an allusion to the Antichrist and counterfeit Jesus’ defeat of the Illuminati.”—John the Witness

Also, please note the all-seeing eye:

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