13 Struggles All People with Extremely Dry Skin Know All Too Well

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Is that the Sahara Desert? Oh, no…it’s just the legs of a dry-skinned person in the middle of winter! How cute. The struggle is so real it actually hurts (and itches!).

1. Moisturizer is your best friend. You’re constantly looking for THE ONE.

2. But this relationship has its cons. $$$$$$$$$

3. You can’t decided how you really feel about humidity.

4. On one hand, it makes your skin feel like this:

5. But it also makes your hair do this:



6. In any case, you know that winter is the worst. season. ever. And it’s not just ’cause it’s freezing!

7. The word ‘flaky’ haunts your dreams. WORST NIGHTMARE!

8. But you’re obsessed with anything that says ‘dewy,’ ‘glowing,’ or ‘hydrating.’ Come to mama!


10. If you forget to moisturize, your legs end up looking like the desert. This isn’t even an exaggeration.

11. Applying face makeup is always a process. Your main goal is to make sure it DOESN’T look like you’re wearing a mask.

applying foundation gif


12. You can’t even fathom the amount of chapstick you go through. The number is off the charts.

Pics List

Pics List

13. When your oily-skinned friends tell you how lucky you are you’re just like:

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