This Dried Flower Nail Trend is Absolutely Perfect for Fall

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Good news, y’all! It’s finally starting to feel like fall, which means it’s time for a whole new set of beauty trends so that you can start the season off on the right foot. Well, thanks to @jessiepnails on Instagram, we’ve found just the thing — dried flower nails!

That’s right! Jessie’s Insta feed is full of dried flower manicures, and NGL, we’re obsessed. Plus, it gives you something to do with your decorative bouquets once the flowers die out. AMAZING!

If you search #driedflowernails on Instagram, tons of examples will pop up, and from what we noticed, most of these manis starts with a light base color to truly allow the flowers to shine. Once the nails are painted, the technician carefully places the dried flower petals over the polish and finishes the look off with a clear coat to set the flowers in place. Sounds easy enough, right? … WRONG!

In an interview with Elite Daily, Jessie spoke more about the process and how difficult this manicure actually is to achieve. She said, “The dried flowers come in like a bunch together, so I usually have to use tiny scissors to cut them piece by piece and place them on the nails with a pair of tweezers. I would say, because the flowers are so intricate, they’re really difficult to work with. Sometimes, I need to cut like five pieces out and only two of them will be usable if I’m going for a certain look. And sometimes, the petals will fall off when I try to seal them with the gel.” YIKES!

Despite the tedious process, though, we think this manicure is one of our favorites that we’ve seen, like, EVER, so if you feel compelled to try it out for yourself, we say go for it! If you do, don’t forget to post it to Instagram with the hashtag #driedflowernails so we can all see how they came out. Good luck!