YouTube Star Questions His Sexuality After Kissing a Gay Singer on Camera

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Although many YouTube stars have come out in videos recently, Drew Monson is not one of them. The topic of the 20-year-old YouTuber’s sexuality has come up quite a bit since he created his mytoecold channel eight years ago, but Drew always alludes the subject enough that viewers aren’t really sure what’s going on. Case in point: the YT star’s latest video titled, “Am I Bisexual?”

Let’s be real — Drew knew exactly what he was doing by uploading said vid featuring Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying from Pentatonix; homeboy has to get the clicks! But even though the young adult admitted to crushing on the openly gay Mitch and even kissed him on camera, he never actually addressed the question he asked in the title.



But while he didn’t mention his sexuality in the video, the 20 year old wrote an insightful comment explaining that just because a straight-identifying man wants to experiment with a person of the same sex, he’s not automatically homosexual and people shouldn’t “be scared if [they] like a thing.”

“I’m so glad you guys liked the video, I think. I wasn’t planning on talking about this AT ALL with Mitch and hadn’t even talked to him until then. In the moment I realized it would be interesting to talk about and I hope it was. I was nervous to upload it. I think straight identifying men (also other genders, but hyper-masculinity seems to ensure a slight inequality here) fantasizing/experimenting anywhere outside of their sexuality still isn’t widely accepted. Many people seem to have the view that any thought or experience outside of heterosexuality completely renders you a gay person. It’s a very aggressive and damaging type of homophobia and i think it hinges on the subconscious belief that homosexuality is an evil, insane thing that consumes you in every way if you happen to consider or cross paths with it. I don’t know why I wrote this. Point is, don’t be scared if you like a thing. If it’s not hurting anyone or illegal, you’re probably okay. You’re gonna have a lot of crushes in your life and they’re gonna be fun, exciting, and most importantly, heartbreaking. But try and not let them bring you shame. You deserve better.”

Can we get a slow clap?? Wow. In a world where people feel the need to define every single thing, it’s so nice to see a young person stand up for those who don’t exactly fit the ‘norms.’ Kudos to you, Drew. Kudos to you.

Although Drew identifies as straight, these YT stars came out as gay in their videos: